Alliance Tournament XI Day One In Pictures | Eve Online

The jewel in the crown of EVE Online’s spaceship combat is the Alliance Tournament, which sees the best pilots of EVE’s vast player organisations compete for the title of champion.

This gallery is an assortment of screen captures taken from the Twitch livestream of the EVE Online Alliance Tournament XI during the first day’s matches.

The competition is currently taking place over three weekends in July/August. Check out All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)  for more details on how to watch.

64 teams of up to 12 pilots compete in 10 minute matches of explosion-filled internet spaceship mayhem, all streamed live on CCP’s Twitch channel.

The format is a double-elimination knockout, meaning that two defeats will mean an exit from the competition. Today will see 16 teams eliminated.

Here are some highlights from yesterday…

1. As the match between The R0nin and CASabouts begins, gargous V of The R0nin fires up his Brutix Navy Issue battlecruiser to enter the fray.


2. Darkness of Despair pilot Howard Marcus unleashes a missile salvo from his Legion strategic cruiser as  Hariberth‘s Proteus closes to brawl range on Mystic Rebel‘s repair drone-supported Sleipnir command ship.


3. Having eradicated Angeli Mortis‘ frigate and cruiser support, M.I.F Jaguar frigate pilot Antidot27 immobilises Debriy‘s Vulture battlecruiser with a webifier and a warp scrambler, whilst supporting Sabre inderdictors use energy destabilizers to drain vital capacitor from the stricken ship. All that remains is for the waiting trio of Sleipnir battlecruisers to deliver the killing blow.


4. Miyahon‘s Kronos marauder battleship opens fire on Malagar‘s incapacitated Scorpion Navy Issue in a race against time to destroy the entire Kill It With Fire team in a convincing victory by Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork.


5. In the opening minutes of the SOLAR FLEET versus HYDRA RELOADED clash, Kadesh PriestessVengeance assault frigate takes on Buch RusAbaddon battleship as both ships suffer the debilitating effects of assorted electronic warfare modules. 


6. BlakPhoenix‘s Drake battlecruiser looks on as his Raven battleship piloting Darkspawn. team-mates fight desperately for survival against the End of Life assault led by General Vachot‘s Vindicator battleship. 


7. In a high-speed opening minute of the match, Red vs Blue captain Mangala SolarisSleipnir command ship, along with two Cyclone battlecruisers, bears down on the Why So Seri0us Scimitar logistics cruiser piloted by Obifore.  


8. Due to an accidental rules infringement, Mildly Sober missed the deadline to submit a proper team and ended up fielding an hilariously understrength squad comprising mostly non-combat industrial ships. This did not stop W-Space from eviscerating them with extreme prejudice.


9. In one of the most closely contested matches of the day, The Initiative.‘s Armageddon and Bhaalgorn battleships close in on an enemy Armageddon as one of The Obsidian Front‘s Proteus strategic cruisers runs interference.


10. An Agony Empire Vindicator piloted by Eomar Duredain goes toe-to-toe with Joker Dronemaster‘s Dominix as Sadistica Alliance struggle against superior numbers. An Ishkur assault frigate provides support to the Vindicator.


11. A Ferox lines up another shot on Loredana Cameron‘s Megathron Navy Issue battleship as Pandemic Legion rampage through Synthetic Systems ships with little remorse.


12. Lt. SpacePig‘s Maller cruiser charges, lasers blazing, toward Azerath‘s under-fire Dominix battleship in the opening seconds of the match between The Kadeshi and Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly


13. This shot from Choke Point‘s defeat at the hands of Exiled Ones sees CAPTAINDaDDIO’s Ishkur assault frigate dogfighting with enemy Enyo and Merlin frigates as Vindicator battleships from both teams approach in the background. 


For more detail on day one’s events, check out our Day One Review or head to our resource page below for further information.


All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)