Shall we Shadowmantle? Neverwinter’s second expansion coming December 5th 

It will have been just over three months between Neverwinter’s first expansion Fury of the Feywild, and its second, Shadowmantle whose release date has now been revealed as December 5th. A fairly impressive turnaround. The Shadowmantle “module” will add the MMO’s first new class, the Hunter Ranger and continue the fight against the unattractive lich leader Valindra Shadowmantle in the Dread Ring.

If you aren’t interested in trying out the new class or if you’re like me and you haven’t had the time to hit max level in most of the MMO’s you play, there’s still some new Paragon paths for you to check out. Shadowmantle will introduce a new path for each class come launch, with each path adding brand new feats, buffs, and power skills. The newly unlocked abilities are available starting at level one.

Not only do these paths give you new abilities, but their tailored in such a way to provide a whole new angle of utility. Using the new Anointed Champion path Cleric players can now opt to provide additional buffs to teamates, while the Guardian Fighter’s Swordmaster path trades tankyness for crowd control and additional damage. Even the Control Wizard seems to have mastered Magic 101 and can now choose to wield fire based attacks.

There’s even a handy trailer which breaks down each class’ new path: