New iPad launch: Life in the queue at Regent Street

We headed down to the Apple Store on London’s Regent Street to chat to the dedicated Apple fans waiting patiently to get their hands on the new iPad, which went on sale at 8am this morning.

First in line was Zohaib Ali, who had been waiting since Saturday afternoon. Zohaib told us he would be buying a 64GB 4G white iPad, as well as a second iPad for his Dad. He’ll be selling his iPad 2 to his Mum.

Zahaib is most excited about the 1080p capabilities of the new iPad, and the improved camera, as he uses his iPad for filming and watching videos. Zahaib mentioned that he is still very sad about Steve Jobs death, but he thinks that Tim Cook is doing a good job as CEO of Apple. Zahaib was third in the queue for the iPhone 4S.

(Above: Fenola looking comfortable with pillows and blankets)

Harry explained to us that his favourite feature would have been the 4G capabilities, but  that’s not available in the UK yet, so until then it’s the Retina display. The pair queued up for the iPad 2, and they’ll be selling those iPad 2s as soon as they get their mitts on the new iPad.

Harry and Fenola would really like to see a thinner and lighter iPad next time, rather than the thicker and heavier model Apple has produced for the third-generation iPad, but they admitted that it’s a small price to pay for a Retina Display.

Harry uses his iPad when he’s commuting, for browsing the web, reading, watching videos.

Just around the corner from the front-runners, we met two young men who chose not to be named (they told us they were called T-Pain and Taboo but we think that could have been a fib). They said that they were originally 5th and 6th in the queue, but they sold those spots for £300 each, only to join the back of the queue again at positions 19 and 20. They told us that they would also be selling those spots for the highest offer, which they thought would be around £160.

The boys said that they would also head down to PC World at 12.01 to snatch up the new iPad before the others in the Apple Store queue, and sell those iPads to people at the back of the queue. They won’t be getting an iPad for themselves for a few weeks, and they’ll be giving their iPad 2s to their Mums (just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday).

When they do eventually get their new iPads, they’ll be buying WiFi only models, and will tether with their iPhones to get 3G when they need it. Overall, the reason they queue is for fun, and for easy money. They queued in October for iPhone 4S too.

Behind the boys was Gary, who arrived at 1pm on Thursday 15 March after getting permission his wife, who is expecting a baby. Gary purchased a 64GB 4G white iPad for himself, and one for his boss. Gary is an iOS developer, and he said that he’d be taking his brand new iPad to his labs straight away to begin updating his apps so they’re optimised for the new iPad. He said that the footprint of applications will increase 4 to 5 times, but ‘that’s not a killer’. He thinks that the 16GB new iPad and iPad 2 are still worth buying, because customers purchasing those models won’t be power users and shouldn’t need too much extra space.

Gary queued for the iPhone 4S, and says its nice to see the familiar faces again this year. As well as enjoying queuing experience, Gary’s ulterior motive was promoting his app Zombify Me. Gary mentioned that he had attended the Worldwide Developers Conference and had the opportunity to see Steve Jobs in person, and he thinks that Tim Cook did a good job at the iPhone 4S keynote and the new iPad keynote, considering the circumstances with Steve Jobs. 

Watch our Vox Pops from people queuing for the iPad launch here. 

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