Disney looks beyond 25 billionth Application Store download toward mobile future

The way in which Bart Decrem sees it, Swampy the Alligator has something that is similar to Donald Duck.

Swampy, obviously, may be the star of Where’s My Water?, a well known physics puzzle game for that iPhone and iPad. Donald Duck needs no introduction. And Swampy made his debut using the September 2011 of Where’s My Water?, Mickey needed to get his start somewhere–1928’s Steamboat Willie, among the first cartoons to feature synchronized seem.

This is a significant indicate Decrem, the senior v . p . and gm of Disney Mobile, who thinks that Disney is poised to help make the same impact within the mobile world it did with animated movie-making nearly nine decades ago.

“Disney has always brought in technology,” stated Decrem, observing Steamboat Willie’s pioneering role in cinema. “We have always hopped into new technology.”

Swampy presently has a milestone of their own to boast about: Earlier this year, Where’s My Water? pressed Apple’s Application Store beyond the 25 billion download mark. The milestone introduced new focus on the sport, which remains a mainstay around the Application Store’s top download charts.

Apps which had notched previous Application Store download milestones–Bump for that one billionth download, Paper Glider for that 10 billion mark–were launched by little-known application makers, an account that actually does not affect Disney. Still, Decrem and the team were thrilled their application was the main one hitting the 25 billion mark.

Decrem heard this news while travelling on business in Columbia on his method to China–coincidentally, the nation in which the 25 billionth download was recorded. During China, Decrem visited Apple’s flagship store in Beijing, where store employees were giving demos of Where’s My Water? around the iPhone.

“It had been a large thrill,” Decrem stated.

It had been additionally a satisfying moment for Disney Mobile. Where’s My Water? marks the very first game produced by the entertainment giant to star an authentic character produced particularly for that mobile market. Previous Disney Mobile efforts involved either movie tie-ins or games produced by others that Disney had bought. (The most popular Tap Tap Revenge games, for instance, are actually a part of Disney’s portfolio after the organization bought Tapulous this year. Decrem, actually, became a member of Disney included in that acquisition.)

The important thing to creating a hit iOS game, Decrem states, is to avert being derivative–no minor reason for an Application Store that frequently feels clogged with Angry Wild birds knock-offs. Rather, the expansion team behind Where’s My Water? centered on the game play. Half-a-dozen people stayed having fun with the main mechanics behind the sport–for example, digging together with your finger to maneuver water through soil. After that, Disney Mobile could build the story, figures, and world that Where’s My Water? inhabits.

“The Application Store rewards awesome encounters,” Decrem stated. “We told they to construct only the best experience you are able to.Inch

In the center of this experience of Where’s My Water? is Swampy, an alligator who’s awfully keen on taking showers. Gamers need to direct water past obstacles and also to the pipes resulting in Swampy’s shower to effectively solve a puzzle.

Because the initial discharge of Where’s My Water? last fall, Disney has folded out regular updates, adding more puzzles towards the mix. A The month of january update added puzzles in the outlook during Cranky, Swampy’s enemy within the regular game, where gamers direct contaminated water to get rid of the algae covering Cranky’s food. Earlier this year, Where’s My Water? added 20 new free levels, giving the sport as many as 200 puzzles for gamers to resolve.

Expect more Where’s My Water happy to come, Decrem states, including new figures. Disney intends to spend more money energy localizing the application–it’s recently been a high download in 79 nations. And then this season, Swampy goes beyond iOS products as he seems inside a 12-episode Web series. (Actually, inside a behind-the-moments video for Where’s My Water?, Disney Mobile senior game design Tim FitzRandolph states that his secret hope is the fact that eventually “you’ll have the ability to meet Swampy at Disneyland.”)

Decrem states Disney Mobile is wishing to produce yet another new original character this season although it continues to pay attention to existing figures too. The aim, based on Decrem is “to not released a game title due to there being a film being released, but to place out a game title since the team is happy about this.Inch

To listen to Decrem tell it, Disney has already been looking forward to the potential for the smartphone market, which some analysts believe will grow to at least one billion smartphones by 2013. “For any generation of visitors at Disney, this really is their first screen,” Decrem stated. “They posess zero computer both at home and they might not have a TV. [Mobile] is really a massive chance to achieve people.”