Ace Attorney 5: First DLC Case “Return of Turnabout” Released

Capcom just launched the very first Ace Attorney 5 DLC Situation in Japan. Entitled “Return of Turnabout”, it is the first situation Pheonix handled after regaining his Attorney badge, featuring figures and areas that did not come in AA5’s primary cases

Ace Attorney 5

This is actually the Situation Info as revealed by Capcom: “Return of Turnabout” centers around a murder, in which the suspect is really a killer whale named “Aile”. The whales trainer, a pirate-girl through the name Shouko Umino, hires Pheonix. Yugami may be the district attorney.

The situation has a cost tag of 800 yen, but can be obtained for 400 yen until September 12, 2013. Take a look at more particulars relating to this first situation at Capcom’s Website.