[Infographic] The Evolution of Racing Game Titles

Racing games came a lengthy way – this infographic requires a think back and shows where we’re today.

Racing games came a lengthy means by yesteryear half a century… in the black and white-colored days within the arcade towards the all-action blowout of console games today.

This infographic charts their journey on the way…

The 70’s saw the debut from the first racing gaming by means of Gran Trak 10. A black and white-colored arcade game where gamers needed to race from the clock on the 23” low-res black and white-colored display.

Then, because of sprites, graphics enhanced significantly within the 80’s and also the decade welcomed classic arcade games for example Pole Position and Indiana 500.

The development of consoles within the 90’s saw game titles really begin to remove, as racing moved in the arcade and in to the family room. Mario Kart, Requirement for Speed and Gran Turismo counseled me launched within the 90’s and provided gamers with better graphics and greater variety when it comes to game play.

Go forward to 2014 and gamers today can savor the immersive realism of games like Forza Motorsport 5 and Gran Turismo 6 – using their “next gen” technology, superbly made cars and authentic handling.

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Source: TeamSport