Google Chromebook: Coming now?

Right now you’ve most likely heard that Bing is hosting a Chrome event on 7 December in Bay Area now. The press invite guaranteed “exciting news about Chrome.” Does which means that the Chromebook is finally here?

Maybe and perhaps not.

The rumour mill continues to be churning for several weeks.

Most lately, Digitimes, a Taiwanese Website, reported that smartbooks featuring Chrome operating-system would debut this month. In August, a recently launched beta of Chome 6 suggested in a tablet possibility. Menus were optimised for touch and reviews stated we may visit a Chrome tablet in November.

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

Google’s leader, Eric Schmidt, blasted both whispers. He told reporters in the Web 2 . 0. summit that Chrome is made for products having a physical keyboard and will not be accessible for any couple of several weeks.

Tuesday’s event may be the midway point between Schmidt’s comment along with a public discharge of the unit.

Engadget appears to consider all signs indicate a launch from the Chrome netbook on Tuesday, but says only around 65,000 models is going to be available “to Google’s nearest ‘friends and family’.” Engadget also took its mitts on the supposed picture of the Chrome netbook keyboard on Friday. The tech blog does observe that the laptop keyboard looks really like the configuration of the earlier Acer Chrome netbook.

Whether it is really an photo of the actual Google-top quality system is up in mid-air, but it’s interesting to notice a couple of Web-related features. The caps lock secret is switched out for any search button, the shift key includes a caps indicator light along with a couple of moving function keys are placed over the number row.

One factor is without a doubt, the time is working against Google about this one.

Google first introduced Chrome OS in ’09. The operating-system is built to be fast, web-focused, possess a quick-launch some time and operate on products with solid-condition drives. Ok last one, and Google even plans an internet store for Chrome apps. In those days, Google stated that it is partners, including ASUS, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba, might have netbooks launched prior to the holiday season this season.

Netbooks were extremely popular in ’09, however that is not truly the situation this year. The iPad along with other capsules have proven up in this area and therefore are wrecking netbook sales. Google could be wise to hedge its bets, making its beta OS a bit more future-proof.

When Google introduced Chrome inside a blog publish, it stated:

“Google Chrome OS is really a new project, outside of Android. Android was created right from the start to operate across a number of products from phones to create-top boxes to netbooks. Google Chrome OS has been produced for those who spend many of their time on the internet, and it is being made to power computer systems varying from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems.”

Will we actually need Chrome OS for netbooks/desktop computers and Android for the portable products? How come it matter how people intend to use their device? Seems like a recipe to help the fragmentation problem facing Big G’s group of followers.

Speed and simplicity of use will always be king. If Google includes a couple of methods up its sleeve for Web surfing on Chrome, why don’t you roll them into one future OS — state that ‘Gingerbread’ deal I have been hearing a lot about.

Provide us with what Apple and Microsoft haven’t: one operating-system that may work without or with a keyboard as well as on a multitude of products. Then you will be looking for existence.