Apple is focusing on the brand new iPhone 7. You will find gossips that the organization will launch the unit in three variants, iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Pro. However, the most recent reviews declare that Apple has cancelled the professional model.

Gossips get it that iPhone 7 Pro includes all major changes as the base and Plus model will support the design featuring almost much like iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, correspondingly. The twin-camera is among the most critical changes expected in next-gen iPhone. Based on previous reviews, Apple will reserve this selection for Pro model.

However, latest reviews declare that Apple has handled to suit the twin-camera module in smaller sized iPhone 7 Plus. There won’t be any Pro model because the Plus model includes the alterations. However, there’s still confusion about Wise Connectors.

Earlier, leaked images demonstrated the wise connectors on the rear of iPhone 7 Pro. These Wise Connectors were said to be employed for wireless charging, add exterior battery support and add-ons. There’s no manifestation of the Wise Connector within the Plus model. What this means is, Apple might not include Wise Connectors in smartphone, reported Forbes.


Meanwhile, other specs will stay the same as reported earlier. The following-gen iPhone 7 is going to be Operated by Apple A10 chipset with 3GB RAM. Not surprisingly, Apple will most most likely ditch the 16GB variant. Thus, iPhone 7 will offer you a minimum of 32GB onboard storage. You will find gossips that 256GB onboard storage option might be there combined with the 64GB and 128GB options.

The unit will roll-out with no 3.5mm earphone jack. The brand new device uses lightning port for wired earphones connectivity. The Three.5mm jack is going to be changed with a second speaker grill. Furthermore, the touch sensitive home button continues to be possible in approaching smartphone. Apple includes a patent with this technology and may introduce it within the iPhone 7.


Apple could upgrade iPhone’s battery too. It’s reported the new device have a 1,960mAh battery as in comparison towards the 1,715mAh component in iPhone 6.

However, Apple is yet to verify anything concerning the specs from the iPhone 7. When the gossips are true, the organization will unveil the brand new handset on September 9 and can start deliveries on September 23.