Beating No Man’s Sky is that not big of the task as dealing with the middle doesn’t take too lengthy as marketed by Hello Games. Upon reaching the middle, gamers can attempt a brand new journey with all of their equipment upgrades. No Man’s Sky ending is simply mind-dazzling, however a couple of gamers appear to know exactly what the big finale really means.

Redditor Fins_Finst theorizes the popular culture classic, The Matrix, inspired the story from the player in No Man’s Sky and also the Atlas. The claim includes proof that’s really good validation from the theory.

The gamer discovered two separate Monoliths with hidden messages through the Understanding Gemstones in No Man’s Sky. The gemstones helps gamers discover the following words: traveler, reality, illusion, us, nada, polo, escape, find, look, anomaly, offer, truth.

The messages come by means of Gek and Korvax translations. He added that upon encountering Nada and Polo, a Korvax along with a Gek, he learned that the 2 aliens vary from other people of the race often:

  • The 2 NPCs can comprehend the player and speak his language as the relaxation from the aliens can’t.
  • The 2 NPCs can ‘hack’ the machine to produce or make up the hidden messages.
  • The 2 NPCs can direct gamers to some black hole and close to the Atlas as the relaxation from the aliens can’t.

The gamer in comparison Nadas’ offer towards the blue pill/red pill choice produced by Morpheus to Neo within the Matrix. Essentially, the idea is the fact that there’s more that Atlas does apart from as being a prominent figure hanging around as they’ve already control of the world. The primary ending could be construed because the player finally getting out of bed and finding Atlas’ actual actions.

Others have speculated the world in No Man’s Sky is simply a simulation towards the player, consider nobody has shown the idea, gamers are difficult pressed on getting good clues.