Like the first gen of Pokemon RPGs, probably the most searched for-after Pokemon in Pokemon GO is Gyarados. Obtaining a Gyarados is really a tough task as gamers need as many as 400 Magikarp Candies simply to evolve it to Gyarados. A current update led the way for any more balanced game and area of the rebalancing needs a nerf to Gyarados.

One of the 19 Pokemon nerfs, Gyarados received a downgrade among its more helpful moves was removed. Dragon Breath is among the best attacks of Gyarados and it is generally utilized by gamers worldwide. Since Dragon Breath has become taken off Gyarados, may be the Pokemon still worthwhile of evolving Magikarp?

Redditor StrummerJ lately opened up up a thread talking about the nerf to Gyarados in and responses are mixed. Some agree the change doesn’t make a difference, although some believe that Gyarados will be a lot less strong following the update.

Dragon Breath is really a move best used against a Dragonite, which is among the generally used defenders in Pokemon Gyms. Gyarados was mainly accustomed to counter a Dragonite, consider it’s been nerfed, the following smartest choice to counter it’s a Lapras, which isn’t a typical catch in Pokemon GO.

Some believe there are other good counters to Dragonite, therefore the nerf isn’t a big worry. Some gamers added that each of Gyarados’ quick moves have a similar DPS before, so there is not much switch to the Pokemon apart from it as being a bit useless against a Dragonite.

Thinking about the nerf and also the whopping quantity of Candies required to evolve a Magikarp, Gyarados may not be a Pokemon worth the problem in Pokemon GO. However, despite removing Dragon Breath, Gyarados continues to be a great Pokemon to possess because of its Water and Dragon type.