It appears as though National basketball association 2K17’s overhauled shot meter is going to be utilized in close range shots too. Should you haven’t already heard, jumpshots within this year’s 2K should be launched once the meter is full, instead of the midway mark years back.

Is National basketball association 2k17’s New Shot Meter Getting Used in Lay-Ups too?

After inspecting the leaked game play footage from Gamescom 2016, some hardcore gamers observed the new auto technician was present during layups and occasional-publish shots. You can observe some close-ups from the discovery about this Reddit thread. Its presence isn’t one hundred percent indication that layups will be timing-based the way in which jumpshots are, however, many fans happen to be concerned about the implications.

“I hope this doesn’t mean layups are timed now. I already need to bother about skipped layups without timing and so i have no idea the amount of a nightmare this is,Inches stated user lakersoffseason within the thread.

Some have recognized the modification, saying adding a component of skill to layups will encourage gamers to fight the basket more.

“Layup shot meter is sensible. I seldom attack the basket with role gamers since i know they perform it generally. This eliminates the automated layup animations,” reasons PSKingpin within the thread.

It is also entirely possible that the speculation can be a bit premature. The footage showing the brand new close-range shot meter featured a hook shot underneath the paint. No a person capable of seeing if your driving layup or available fastbreak has got the new shot meter too. It might be quite strange when you time your release on the wide-open fastbreak.