National basketball association 2K17’s career mode has Colorado Lewis, another unique NPC which gamers could slightly communicate with within the game’s playthrough. In MyCareer, Lewis could possibly get drafted from your team should you let him be. Here’s how you can keep Colorado Lewis inside your MyCareer team for the entire MyCareer Mode.


Colorado Lewis is yet another staple National basketball association 2K17 NPC which begins using the player character because they get drafted for an actual National basketball association team. However, this NPC’s stat ratings aren’t stellar and that he frequently comes with an erratic workload like a basketball player. At the best, gamers can leave Lewis alone on his intends to jump from team to team.


Alternatively, gamers can choose to keep Lewis within their team if they would like to keep seeing his unique NPC cutscenes. Based on JLzGM’s spoiler thread around the NBA2K Reddit, Lewis frequently has goodbye speech moments when he’s departing teams. However, Lewis only signs 10-day contracts as well as returns towards the same team. Supplying goodbye speeches having a high opportunity to return with another 10-day contract makes Lewis a strange character.

However, Reddit user JOliver7 confirmed that exist Lewis in your National basketball association 2K17 MyCareer season 2. You’ll be given an chance to help keep him inside your team to have an long time. Gamers can certainly determine if they’ll take or leave Lewis to his 10-day contracts.


At the best, Justice Youthful and also the Orange Juice system is sufficient to assist the player in progressing through MyCareer. Young’s rapid growth outpaces most gamers which isn’t only advantageous towards the player however their overall team rating too. Youthful could be easily the team’s star player, which will help should you didn’t find a group with higher gamers. Just enhance your character and Youthful in stats and you may choose to ignore Lewis in National basketball association 2K17.