Lately, the Ps Experience 2016 event was confirmed to occur next December 3 and 4. Last year’s Ps Experience event revealed both Yakuza and Yakuza 5’s release for that Western audience. Can we see Yakuza 6 within this approaching The new sony event in December?


The state PlayStationBlog publish claims that the Ps Experience 2016 may have “dozens of Ps VR demos, Ps Showcase, developer sections, merchandise, far more more.” It’s highly entirely possible that Sega can have as much as announce Yakuza 6. Alternatively, others might also announce new IPs or highly rumored games like Satan May Cry 5 and subsequently Red Dead Redemption.


Both Yakuza 5 and Yakuza were introduced for that West throughout the previous Ps Experience 2015. Potentially, the most recent Yakuza game could also be introduced next Ps Experience 2016 within the Anaheim Convention Center. Meanwhile, japan discharge of Yakuza 6 is on December 8 that is near to the event’s dates. However, The new sony hasn’t introduced their selection of unveils within the approaching event. There is a chance that The new sony might just announce that Sega is focusing on getting the sport towards the West.

To date, only Yakuza  tweets is visible around the official Sega Twitter account. Yakuza 6 you are spoken about if Yakuza  bakes an appearance within the approaching event. At the best, Yakuza 6’s release date may finally be revealed to the fans. Fans will have to watch for any concrete bulletins around the days itself. It’ll be a 2-month wait prior to getting anything confirmed about Yakuza 6 prior to the event.