XCOM 2 has lately been launched on PS4 and Xbox One. Gamers have concerns about buying the sport, because the PC version which arrived on the scene in Feb 2016 has performance issues around the platform. Since the sport is striking current-generation consoles, here’s an XCOM 2 review around the game’s performance.

Should you consider the PC form of the sport, XCOM 2 looks nowhere nearer to the graphically advanced games around the platform. Regardless of how good the players’ designs are, the sport runs poorly on the majority of computer systems. The studio attempted difficult to enhance the graphics, however the game switched out to become a disappointment for a lot of. Since the console versions are out, it appears that a few of the problems don’t exist on consoles.

The main fear one of the PS4 and Xbox One gamers was encountering exactly the same issues on consoles. While everybody was expecting the sport to make use of Unreal Engine 4, the developer Firaxis Games used the highly modified Unreal Engine 3. On PC, the performance is nice, however the game freezes during game play. Now after analysing the game’s performance on PS4 and Xbox One, many gamers claim that the console version is stable.

Some gamers report there are some framerate drops on PS4, however the performance on consoles is near to what fans wanted in the developer. A relevant video from Digital Foundry shows the XCOM 2 game play on Xbox One also demonstrates the perfect experience around the console version.

Individuals who’ve performed the sport on PS4 and Xbox One have assured fellow gamers to obtain the game without having to worry concerning the performance. As numerous fans are reluctant to purchase the sport, gamers claim that purchasing XCOM 2 is a great deal since it does not have any issues, and gamers may also get the sport with DLC content by having to pay some extra.

The sport will come in standard and luxurious models which ended up costingDollar59.99 and US$79.99, correspondingly. The sport is really a direct follow up of their predecessor, and gamers will again go ahead and take role of commander of the secret military organization.