Since the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility update has added Cod: World At War towards the games’ library, Black Ops 2 may be the next title to obtain the support. Microsoft lately introduced four more games because of its Backwards Compatibility program. The organization confirmed that E4: Every Extend Extra Extreme, Fun Town Mahjong and Encleverment Experiment are actually playable on Xbox One.


World At War is among the games which have been sought after. Probably the most chosen games for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility include Cod Black Ops 2, Cod : Mw2 and much more in the franchise. With more than 97,000 votes, World At War was in front of many asked for games. Since the organization has began adding franchise games to the library, you will find chances that other games can come soon.

With a large number of votes, Cod Black Ops 2 is among the most asked for game titles fans need to see within the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility library. Since World At War and it is follow up, Cod Black Ops, are generally readily available for the Xbox One, you will find high chances that the organization might bring Cod Black Ops 2 next.

The franchise holds many games, and so far, merely a couple of seem to be on the Xbox One. Individuals who’ve performed these games on Xbox 360 Console happen to be missing them around the current-gen platform. When Microsoft introduced Xbox One Backwards Compatibility in 2015, fans began wishing for his or her favorite games. The organization also confirmed that gamers can election for that games they would like to see within the library. Since that time, the Cod games happen to be topping the request chart.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything about the appearance of Cod Black Ops 2 around the Xbox One. However, you will find chances that the organization will prove to add it, because the Modern Warfare series can also be around the waiting list.