Attention Simmers! There’s a brand new update and patch notes for that Sim cards 4 which will give Blogs. The brand new stuff is perfect for honoring your day from the Dead. Although technically, it is not before the finish of October, but everyone knows time moves in a different way within the Sim cards world.

Under this patch is really a new recipe for Pan de Muerto, that exist underneath the prepare interaction. There’s also new objects for adornment that are offered for Sim cards homes. Just look for ‘Day from the Dead’ in Buy Mode and it’ll result in two new wall hangings, a table, some candle lights, along with a sculpture.

Meanwhile, in Produce a Sim mode, there’s also several new clothes for men and women Sim cards. Additionally, there’s face makeup, new hair and also the male Sim cards customize the hat, too. Children also provide careful analysis customize the full outfit and face makeup.

However, there’s a method to enhance interactions using the Harsh Reaper, and that’s to accomplish your day from the Dead Challenge. The update is only going to lead Sim cards to gather their household’s reward after placing each one of the nine unique skulls right into a Sugar Skull Display Situation. It will open the Recognition the Dead interaction which will yield a gilded sugar skull. This allows additional interactions using the Reaper.

To have fun playing the challenge, Sim cards will have to contact Jasmine Holiday utilizing their mobile phone. When she arrives, just talk to her concerning the Day’s the Dead festivities which are happening.

Your Day from the Dead event ends on November 4, but there’s still no information on the beginning time yet. The brand new patch may also introduce a brand new ‘Candy Skulls’ collection, that has 10 different objects. The objects within this collection are rad as there’s an “Ask for Skull” interaction. This interaction further results in three more interactions for example “Discuss Afterlife,” “Enthuse About Sugar Skulls” and “Complain about Spirits.”

Also, sugar skulls could be caused by other Sim cards who’re honoring your day from the Dead, and may simply be acquired throughout the challenge.

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